Monday, September 28, 2009

"The Persuaders" Questions

Answer to Question 1:

After watching "the Persuaders", I realized some things about the marketing and advertising world today. The thing that surprised me the most had to be how much advertisement there is out there, without even realizing it. The "clutter" of New York City is a perfect example. Everywhere you turn you see billboards, signs, posters, touchscreens; pretty much any form of advertisement you could think of. I learned that people can be controlled by the way someone presents something to them, whether that is through what specific words, or visuals, the presenter uses. I realized that I am one of these people who are easily controlled by the way something is advertised or introduced to me. I normally do not carry out with buying the shoes, or eating at this restaurant, but I feel like I am influenced to those things and WANT to carry out with them.

Answer to Question 4:

In the future, I believe the advertisement agencies will either grow and become/stay one of the most popular career choices of all time, or, the agencies will crash and burn and advertisement will become unpopular. The reason I think the advertising and marketing field will prosper is because people will still need to know and be educated about things whether that means clothing brands, restaurants, politics, etc. And also because there will be more and better forms of advertisement out there in the future, such as a floating advertisement screen between buildings as seen in some of those futuristic movies. On the other hand, I believe the field could go in the opposite direction because of the clutter. Eventually, the clutter could get to be so great and so frustrating to deal with from the consumer's point of view, that there will be bands or laws against the production of too much marketing; therefore, having a huge decrease in the field.

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